The Belvide team would like your feedback about the reserve. There is a suggestion box located in the Scott hide for this purpose but alternatively you can contact us via the ‘leave a reply’ box at the foot of this page. The team love praise but also appreciate hearing about your concerns. Don’t be afraid of being critical. Your feedback helps us rectify faults and improve everything for everyone. When you leave a comment it won’t appear on this site unless it is judged to be of general interest and appropriate for publication. You will however get a reply via your Email address.

2 Responses to Suggestions

  1. Could you please start sending us the dates for the work parties this autumn so that we can start advertising them. Many thanks


    • sjudge says:

      If you check out the ‘Get involved’ page you will see the dates have been published for some time. Nigel has a full programme for us all so looking forward to seeing all who can join us. SueJ


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