Welcome to the home page of Belvide News. If you are looking for recent sightings you are in the wrong place. The link on the right hand side of this page will take you straight to Steve Nuttall’s very excellent ‘Belvide Birding’ blog which he updates daily.

This site is for everything else ‘Belvide’ of which there is a surprising amount. Please use the buttons under the picture at the top of the page to explore further.

The site has been designed to cater for those checking out WMBC for the first time, new and returning members and those who have been members for longer than they care to remember, in short everyone with an interest in Belvide or birding.

The contact for the Belvide reserve is Sue Judge. At the bottom of some of the pages you will find a ‘leave a reply box’. A message about any subject will go straight to Sue’s inbox and will either get a response from her or be sent to the relevant Belvide team member with a note from Sue telling you this has been done.

Enjoy exploring the site and we look forward to seeing you at Belvide soon.